The Mangjing Collection


Welcome to The Yunhaizhidian Collection!

An intimate selection of artisanally crafted single-origin teas, superb expressions of terroir conveying a story of initiation and friendship between Yunhaizhidian founder Chen Jian and Theasophie.

The Yunhaizhidian Collection

Le cru et le cuit (homage to Lévi-Strauss)

Raw and cooked, sheng and shou - the two main categories of Pu'er tea, are also used by French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss to denote nature and culture. Pu’er tea is a poignant expression of these interpenetrating domains, a natural-cultural substance in a constant state of transformation.

The Xiangtu Collection


Garden to Gaiwan

Our farm-to-table approach to tea, a commitment to transparency from tea garden ecology to your cup. Garden to Gaiwan is also an opportunity to bring Theasophie to your community.

Our Commitment