Yes, our Xiangtu is back in stock!

For all of you who have been patiently awaiting its return, Xiangtu 'Jingmaishan' is finally back. We're doing our best to ensure a consistent supply of this exceptional daily drinker so you never have to go without again. Not only that, but we have expanded our Xiangtu Collection with a new production of our premium 'Chennian' Xiangtu blend and the third in our series of Original Ecology teas ... 2014 Xiangtu 'Original Ecology'

Xiangtu Collection

The Mangjing Collection


Welcome to The Yunhaizhidian Collection!

An intimate selection of artisanally crafted single-origin teas, superb expressions of terroir conveying a story of initiation and friendship between Yunhaizhidian founder Chen Jian and Theasophie.

The Yunhaizhidian Collection

Le cru et le cuit (homage to Lévi-Strauss)

Raw and cooked, sheng and shou - the two main categories of Pu'er tea, are also used by French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss to denote nature and culture. Pu’er tea is a poignant expression of these interpenetrating domains, a natural-cultural substance in a constant state of transformation.

The Xiangtu Collection


Garden to Gaiwan

Our farm-to-table approach to tea, a commitment to transparency from tea garden ecology to your cup. Garden to Gaiwan is also an opportunity to bring Theasophie to your community.

Our Commitment