Garden to Gaiwan

The name simply came to us some years ago. Garden to Gaiwan is our agroforestry farm-to-table approach to tea. Ensuring optimal transparency in every infusion is no easy task. We are committed to what you are drinking.

Pu'er tea begins with ecology, proceeds through craft, aging, brewing and appreciation. These categories represent the Five Pillars of Garden to Gaiwan. As you get to know us, you will find these five categories pervade our entire approach to tea. 

Theasophie has presented in a variety of settings including private homes, teahouses, museums, universities, and botanical gardens throughout the United States and China. We offer brewing service for individuals, gatherings, private and public events. Garden to Gaiwan is also our series of educational events curated to convey a deep sense of the ecology, history, culture, and practice of tea. Events unite the sensory appreciation of particular teas with the given topics in a unique manner. Presentation topics consider tea from multiple perspectives, including: environmental & human health; social and ritual practice; spiritual ecology.