Theasophie Press

Theasophie Press


Alongside our passion for artisanal tea craft, we are avid readers and collectors. We've long dreamed of launching a small press tea imprint. That journey is now beginning!

Theasophie Press is soon to be offering books, prints, and miscellanea pertaining to tea culture. Works-in-progress include original writings, translations from the Chinese literature, historical reproductions, photographs and ephemera.

Our first release will be a translation of Lei Pingyang & Chen Jian’s Chazhe (茶者) poem:

This short work illuminates tea culture from its origins in ancient primary forests to the sublime aesthetic of finely crafted tea that inspires the egress of contemporary artisans into remote mountains in search of the source. A syncretism of Daoist, Buddhist, and Confucian ideals subtly pervades the poem. While the text consists of barely more than two dozen lines, it stands as a significant contribution to the modern tea literature.

You can read the entire poem in both Chinese & English here

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