Pu'er Tea

If you want to know the location of the river source which produces
the herb, it is just in the southwest, its original homeland.
The Secret of the Golden Flower
translated by Thomas Cleary


Chadao, the path of tea, begins with the mythical emperor Shennong and evolves over millennia before being inscribed in Lu Yu’s Chajing, or Tea Classic.  Now, several centuries later, tea culture has become a global phenomenon.  Rustic and refined, tea welcomes moments of spiritual repose into our daily lives.

Tea represents a profound plant-human symbiotic relationship emerging from prehistory to arrive in the present, each leaf and bud the outward expression of a root that penetrates deeply into the mysterious origins of human consciousness.

Pu'er originates in the botanical and cultural heartland of tea in China’s southwest borderlands.  It is unique among tea varietals, sourced and produced from the oldest tea gardens in the world and undergoing a transformation process capable of lasting several decades.  Pu'er is a tonic substance with a wide array of health benefits.  It is also a vehicle for cultivation of ethical and spiritual virtues corresponding to classical ideals of harmony between heaven, earth, and human. The contemporary Pu’er tea revival constitutes a living legacy of humanity.