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Spring 2023 Theasophie 'Huangshan'

Spring 2023 Theasophie 'Huangshan'

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By everybody's estimation, Spring 2023 was one of the best years for tea in recent memory. Along with our constantly evolving understanding of craft, we believe that this 'Huangshan' and its companion 'Mangjing' cake are among the best shengcha we've ever crafted. Jingmai's signature honey and florals are concentrated deep within the liquor and express beautifully in the cup.

Huangshan, or 'remote mountain', refers to true forest tea, individual trees located intermittently throughout the mountains. Procuring this leaf requires time, effort, and a substantial knowledge of place. In his role as village herbalist, Yimu's father spends a significant amount of time sourcing wild plants and is particularly fond of locating this material. In the past, we blended what little amounts we procured into our 'Feral Nature'. Now, we offer a 100% 'Huangshan' cake.

The forest growing environment's dense canopy allows limited light penetration. Consequently, these trees generally produce only once a year in the late spring. Pristine ecological conditions and mineral rich soils lend themselves to a truly special drinking experience. Beautiful yellow liquor and exceptional vegetal character express throughout multiple infusions. Brewing finesse will reveal delicate hints of orchid.

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