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2014 Theasophie 'Peacock Tuo'

2014 Theasophie 'Peacock Tuo'

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A new addition to our Xiangtu Collection! We've been holding onto this tea for some time now, revisiting it on occasion to follow flavor development. Finally, it is ready to come out of storage and make its debut.

Held in the hand, there is a hollow quality to this tuo, originally pressed at 250g and now weighing in at 240g. Within that hollow, dry aromatics present as a potent combination of earth, wood, and cacao, carrying over into the brewed liquor with a pristine clarity. Subtle notes of reishi (靈芝 lingzhi) present just noticeably enough to resist attributing them to the power of suggestion. This tea was fermented to approximately 70%, then stored in Hong Kong for several years before returning to Yunnan. All of this to the effect that it is occasionally mistaken for a much older shengcha.

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