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Spring 2006 Jinwanghao 'Bulangshan'

Spring 2006 Jinwanghao 'Bulangshan'

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This tea was produced the same season we first stepped into the tea mountains. Spring 2006, accompanied by Bulang elder Ai Wennan, we traveled from Menghai to Lao Man'e, the oldest village in the Bulang Mountains, to begin what would become a lifelong journey with tea.

That same season, Yunhaizhidian founder Chen Jian was sourcing and producing this tea with his mentor. This is quintessential Bulang Mountain tea that speaks to terroir and craft of nearly two decades ago.  Brilliant amber color and mature camphor aroma with faint hints of smoke. Liquor effortlessly slides across the palate and enters the body.

These cakes have been under our care since entering the U.S. in 2007 and we couldn't be more satisfied with the storage quality. We're extremely pleased to release these cakes from our private collection. 

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