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Autumn 2023 Theasophie 'Jingdian' Red

Autumn 2023 Theasophie 'Jingdian' Red

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A more finished version of our sold out 'Feral Red', sourced from old trees. Soft, roasted character, refined aromatics and silky mouthfeel all integrate into a singularly exceptional experience.

Palate includes caramel and vanilla notes accompanied by Jingmai Mountain's signature orchid scent. Silken liquor glides effortlessly down the throat leaving behind pervasive fragrance & sweetness. More refined than our 'Feral Red', but all our feral fans will be sure to approve. Perfect, warming tea to enjoy in those cooler hours accompanied by the lingering scent of seasonal blooms.

'Jing' (景) refers to Jingmai and 'Dian' (滇) is the old name for Yunnan. 'Jingdian' is phonetic to 經典, meaning 'classic', this tea being our terroir driven version of the classic 'Dian Hong', or Yunnan Red.

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