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Autumn 2019 Theasophie 'Mangjing'

Autumn 2019 Theasophie 'Mangjing'

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This is the only autumn production of our signature Mangjing cake and we couldn't be more pleased.

Autumn harvest is brief, and yields are lower than in the spring. Teas are consolidating, inwardly nourishing. Having spent a little time away from this tea, we are thrilled with the thick, oily liquor, lengthy throat feel and lingering sweetness on the palate. Nearly five years into its aging cycle, this tea is everything it ought to be right now.

We find that autumn teas prefer an even slower, more relaxed brewing style than spring teas: a long, drawn out rinse with an equally lengthy time leading up to the first infusion. Use this time to appreciate the dry and wet aromas. Allow the leaf to cool and consolidate between infusions to produce a rich and fragrant liquor.

Our signature shengcha is artisanally crafted from Jingmai Mountain old-growth material hand-selected from agroforestry plantings established by our Mangjing ancestors. Meticulous attention at every stage of processing ensures optimum preservation of vitality within the leaf. Jingmai Mountain provides an exceptional introduction to natural fermentation Pu’er tea. 

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