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Autumn 2015 Yunhaizhidian Yiwu 'Ding Family Village'

Autumn 2015 Yunhaizhidian Yiwu 'Ding Family Village'

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Crafted of 100% Ding Family Village (Dingjiazhai) raw material, the 357 grams typical of cakes (bing) is pressed into brick (zhuan) form and wrapped in a bamboo shell. Visually, this tea is stunning, exquisitely crafted maocha covered in down that has already transitioned from silver to gold. This homage to the historical Keyixing brick of the early-twentieth century speaks to Yunhaizhidian founder Chen Jian's approach to tea - learning from the past to craft exceptional tea

Autumn tea contains a lower concentration of secondary metabolites. Fragrance may be slightly lower than Spring harvest, yet flavor and sweetness present round and full. Chen Jian finds autumn tea particularly suitable for tighter brick compression. The deeply vegetal aroma in the leaf and honey-like palate of this tea evidence its quality.

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