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Spring 2015 Yunhaizhidian 'Yibang'

Spring 2015 Yunhaizhidian 'Yibang'

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Mid-leaf varietal Yibang leaf, golden amber infusion, aroma extending deep into the throat, prominent return sweetness.

In a paper read before the Royal Geographical Society, by Mr. Colquhoun, November 13, 1882, it is mentioned that “the most celebrated tea in China comes from a part of the Shan country, from a district called I-Bang” …

Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information
Royal Gardens, Kew

Yibang has long been known to produce exquisite tea. While most of our Yunhaizhidian tea wrappers refer to yuancha, or round tea, our Yibang is called gongcha, or tribute tea. This refers to the region's historical role as the source of much of the tribute departing the remote tea mountains of Yunnan en route to Beijing and the emperor. 

When Yimu first tasted Yibang tea, it was familiar to her. The mid-leaf varietal resonated with her lifelong experience with Jingmai Mountain tea. Fragrance and sweetness are pervasive through numerous steepings. A favorite among many of our Chinese teahouse friends.

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