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Spring 2015 Yunhaizhidian 'Manzhuan'

Spring 2015 Yunhaizhidian 'Manzhuan'

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Thick, honey fragrance and pronounced sweetness in the throat. Infused leaf reveals the long, plump leaf-stripes typical of this growing region. As with each of our Yunhai productions, this is an exemplary version of local terroir.

Manzhuan (蛮磚) / Manzhuang (曼庄) is adjacent to the Yiwu Mountains and some consider it an extension of that appellation. Historically, the vast majority of Manzhuan tea traveled to Yiwu for blending before heading off along the trade routes. At the heart of our Manzhuan tea is a nearly two decade long friendship with Old Yang and his family. We spend a significant amount of time each spring and autumn at his home and in his gardens. One of the first batches of maocha I ever produced was in his workshop.

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