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Spring 2011 Yunhaizhidian 'Chenyun'

Spring 2011 Yunhaizhidian 'Chenyun'

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Yunhaizhidian's signature tea, sourced from old-growth trees distributed throughout the primary forest surrounding Guafeng Village. This tea exemplifies tea as an expression of ecology, originating from a sparser distribution of older trees surrounded by a high degree of biodiversity. 

We first started visiting this Yao ethnicity community along the Laos border in 2008, when the road from Yiwu was barely passable. In 2009, we premiered a legendary one-kilogram brick of Guafengzhai primary forest tea at a gathering of the Yunnan Provincial Tea Association.

For Pu'er aficionados, Guafeng Village needs no introduction. Tea trees are distributed in a fifty square kilometer section of primary forest at an average elevation of 1,700 meters. The steep mountains, dense forest and ecological conditions provide optimal habitat and produce some of the most highly sought after material in the greater Yiwu growing region (Yiwu chaqu).

Chen Jian once said "this is my flavor, this is my tea." So, Chenyun - referring both to the yunwei, or resonance of this extraordinary tea and to its maker.

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