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2002 CNNP 'White Needle, Golden Lotus'

2002 CNNP 'White Needle, Golden Lotus'

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Never have we experienced a shoucha such as this - an Imperial Grade with such full body and stamina. 

We've mentioned elsewhere that we're not big fans of overly malty Imperial Grade teas. When selections like this come along, they change the way we understand tea and set a new standard as we continue to produce and source exceptional tea. 

More woodland than earthen with the softest hints of greenness and chocolate for those of you seeking nuance and complexity on the palate. This greenness is paired with an uplifting vitality. 

How unfortunate that we don't even have an extra whole cake or two to offer, but this tea is simply too incredible not to make available, even if only by the steeping. Just lovely!

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