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1999 CNNP 'Original Ecology'

1999 CNNP 'Original Ecology'

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Imparts mirror-like transparency and an expansive sense of well-being to both body and mind. Simple yet sophisticated ... one of our favorite teas in the collection!

The artisanal Pu'er revival began in the mid-1990s and this tea was produced shortly thereafter. Despite the claim to Yiwu old-tree material on the inner ticket, we can really only judge this tea by appearance and character. Large leaf material and a lighter fermentation style have resulted in a tea that maintains a natural vitality paired with maturity. This tea has been guided by a steady hand from time of production until the present. While original provenance is unknown, visual appearance and taste clearly convey the intention that went into making this tea. Storage is likewise immaculate. Each time we pull another cake out of a tong, we are met with profuse aged aroma. For us, this cake sets a standard for shoucha.

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