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1993 CNNP 'Original Ecology'

1993 CNNP 'Original Ecology'

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Theasophie encountered this tea upon initial release by Yunhaizhidian well over a decade ago. That first cake to come back with us from Yunnan oriented us to the possibilities of shoucha and has subsequently guided our hand in both sourcing and private production.

While there are many varieties of wild Camellia sinensis in Xishuangbanna, not all are appropriate for tea production. The material for this cake originated in high-elevation Mengsong forests and could only become drinkable upon undergoing initial pile fermentation.

The original fermentation style preserved the nature of this wild leaf, which expresses a camphor aroma more typical of shengcha. Palate is round and smooth and carries subtle medicinal notes. Expansive qi and a subtle yet persistent huigan. This tea provides roughly a dozen steepings. The profound clarity it imparts endures long after.

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