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1980s Menghai Factory 'Ginseng Fragrance'

1980s Menghai Factory 'Ginseng Fragrance'

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Everyone who knows and loves this tea simply refers to it as ‘Ginseng Fragrance.’ Aged chenxiang aroma and an impossible-to-miss ginseng profile define this tea, making it extremely desirable both in China and among Theasophie devotees here in the West. 

Same recipe and older sibling to our 2000 Menghai '7572.' Wrappers were removed and cakes broken up prior to passing through Chinese customs for export to Hong Kong. Returned to Yunnan about a decade ago and stored in Kunming, hence the remarkable finish. While a significant amount of this well-known Menghai (Dayi) Factory recipe has been produced over the last half century, to come across such a beautifully transformed version is truly special.

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