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Spring 2023 Theasophie 'Mangjing'

Spring 2023 Theasophie 'Mangjing'

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By everybody's estimation, Spring 2023 was one of the best years for tea in recent memory. Along with our evolving understanding of craft, we believe that this year's Mangjing and our premium Huangshan are among the best shengcha we've ever crafted. Jingmai's signature honey and florals are concentrated deep within the liquor and express beautifully in the cup. 

Theasophie teas are material and energetic expressions at the confluence of ecological and social relations. Family, friends and mentors all guide our hand throughout the production process. Our approach to tea changes from one season to the next. This can be observed in the evolving profile of our annual releases.

We specialize in old-growth agroforestry tea, planted by Yimu's ancestors over the past several centuries and entirely handcrafted. Meticulous attention at every stage of processing ensures optimum preservation of vitality within the leaf. Jingmai Mountain provides an exceptional introduction to shengcha – natural fermentation Pu’er tea.

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