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2015 Theasophie 'Xiangtu Jingmai' (375g)

2015 Theasophie 'Xiangtu Jingmai' (375g)

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Our signature shoucha varies from one production to the next. This latest version begins in Jingmai Mountain's old-growth tea gardens with material collected and pile-fermented in 2015, supplemented with 2014 Lincang material from the same sourcing trip that yielded our 2014 Xiangtu 'Original Ecology'. The results are better than we imagined, the Lincang material blending seamlessly to impart aged camphor aromatics. This is our daily drinker and a terrific foundation for tea practice.

Jingmai Mountain material was gathered throughout the spring, summer and autumn months from several villages. Immaculate fermentation ensued at Lancang Ancient Tea Factory under the guidance of Li Meiying (李美瑛), who for decades has set the standard for her understanding of JIngmai Mountain tea and pile fermentation. Subsequent loose storage enhanced terroir and leaf potency while yielding an exceedingly smooth liquor.

The Lincang portion was sourced and produced by a long-time mentor to Theasophie, a Lincang native and former CNNP factory producer. Cellared in Guangdong Province, this material imparts additional complexity and enhances the aged character of the Jingmai leaf. 

Xiangtu's wrapper is very special. It is a painting and poem by the Buddhist nun Ōtagaki Rengetsu created nearly one hundred and fifty years ago, reproduced here on fine Japanese gold-flecked paper. The original hangs in our Jinghong apartment. The poem, translated by John Walker:



An old roof tile
fallen and mossy
in the thick grass
the steadfastly
pure-shining moon

We've put craftsmanship and artistry into this tea. Over a decade of drinking, producing and critically assessing shoucha informed its creation. The knowledge acquired through experience that shoucha practice is the cultivation of emptiness guided our choice of artwork. Rustic and refined, this tea embodies the life to which we aspire, an “aestheticism of primitive simplicity.”

We're extremely pleased to present Xiangtu Jingmaishan ... from our hearts & hands to yours!

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