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1970s CNNP 'Cultural Revolution Brick'

1970s CNNP 'Cultural Revolution Brick'

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What would our Xiangtu Collection be if it didn’t provide an opportunity to experience one of the earliest and most esteemed shoucha ever made? 

Liquor is ruby red and carries a prominent yaoxiang - medicine aroma; penetrating qi and expansive chayun or resonance. This tea is a classic in the canon of Pu’er due to both history and connoisseurship. Ours is an immaculate example.

'Cultural Revolution Brick' - wenge zhuan, refers to several such teas produced from 1973, the first year of production, throughout the 1970s. Are you under the impression that shoucha doesn’t age much after a certain point? This is the tea to change your mind. Find a few close friends and the right occasion for some true depth work and a sublime tea-drinking experience!

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